Praise and Pancakes

Today could have gone several different ways.  I knew that when I woke up.  People always say “We never expect whats going to happen” or other Lame “we” statements.  I think a bit differently, I think this is something that makes me unique something God created in me to make me more beautiful in His eyes.  I analyze everything and I worry, fret, and then create a tunnel vision that I find can be effective and destructive.  Thank you to the two people who saved my life today!  Without your prayers and Grace I think the fall would have hurt more than the safe landing has.  I do want to scream things like  – I don’t know how to wait anymore, I wish for ten seconds you could be me and then what comes out of your mouth might be a little different, and the loudest scream GOD THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHO I AM, I AM TRYING MY HARDEST TO USE THIS FOR YOUR GLORY! PLEASE HELP ME ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU DESIRE OF ME I AM LISTENING!  I took what could have been molded fruitcake and turned it into an amazing stack of orange pancakes!  Never forget the love of an innocent child with a favorite color! – So my entry today is one of Praise, I praise my heavenly father for making me whole or broken, tattered and torn.  I will stand up and fight even if i fall often. Also a big shout out to you God for an amazing display of your Majesty , I enjoyed the light show for hours tonight! May the dream be soft and silent, may the body be calm and light, may my heart be rejuvenated all with the knowledge that I am strong and my purpose is not for me to know but my obedience demanded.  I am listening, I am following, with the rolling thunder, goodnight.

The Wonderful Orange Pancakes for Dinner!!!
Love at first orange bite.....

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