Another night with little to no sleep. They say it comes with the territory. They say that this is usual in your condition. I say – How the Heck do you have any clue of my usual? The perpetual “They” always have 20/20 vision. I myself have visions of lavender and dragons-blood flowers. Spring is so fleeting and summer is hot and getting closer. Another season and turning of a page.  It was BJ’s birthday this weekend, so we went to Lake Lanier.  The Doctor told me water was my best friend, it would remove all the pressure on my back.   BJ has been saying ate is the best healer for years but did I listen?? So we went, just the family we had a little cookout and took the tube behind the boat around the cove for a few exciting trips. Talk about being excited, all three of my children had their ride on a tube alone, you know on the lake by themselves! I choose to fear not, I was calm for I placed my trust in God. I have been doing a lot of that as of recent, it feels wonderful. Also I don’t have any other way fear begets fear. I know in my heart it is the best way, the kids loved the tube, nothing but smiles! Even little Abigail got water in her face on the tube ride and didn’t melt!!! Amazing. Owen was all bounces, and trying to make it do crazy things – so like his father. I am calling Bogan this week for lessons for the little ones, its time. We are going to take the fishing polls next time we head to the lake, perhaps come home with some yummy hometown fresh fish!! – Wait..Oh Can you eat fish out of lake Lanier??? Need to ask. Fun,  another question, love them. BJ had cupcakes for his bash, they were wonderful, and the tradition continued with Abigail’s I must help dad blow them out.
This trip was also a first for me. no tube rides, but above all no camera – alas.   The only camera had been my phone and I was not using that anywhere by the dock.  Regardless those memories will last forever. Could not have had a better time with family that I did Saturday. Everyone playing in the water together. Ellisa and Abigail at their best. Owen wanted in the water so bad but has a death grip on you the whole time he gets in, So crazy he wanted the tube alone??,,,,, Hmmmm. So to top the day off I sang – “I’d Like to by the world a Coke” in my head.

My family is growing so fast, I am amazed at how blessed I am to be here with them, experiencing these precious moments.  I thank BJ for his sacrifices, for without his hard dedication to school and family we would not be able to enjoy Birthday celebrations, for the weight of life and debt would crush us.  Instead we stand firm together, we are now and always will be an amazing team!! He is truly my Forever.   Oh I almost forgot the best little adventure that happened on BJ’s big day something like this ~

 “So Like we were sitting on the dock, Like looking out on the water dude, and we were like, oh, and like um theirs somethings floating out on the water dude, it looks big and cool.  Like I wonder if there is someone there?  Dude it like just flipped dude, totally gnarly must have a person, but like wait, there it did it again, Its  like huge, like massive – Hey Dude why don’t you like prove your manhood and swim way out to the middle of the lake and Like grab it us dude!  The kids will love it! Yeah!!.”  So off went BJ the man of the hour chasing a flying giant tube through the middle of lake Lanier!!  So needed photos!  Dude was totally successful too!!!  Yeah Happy Birthday!!

~Jenn Update~
I have to say even though the doctor said no PT until after the neurosurgeon, but be in water as much as possible that’s what I did Saturday and I was using a noodle to keep from having to use my legs and hips too much. Sunday came roaring in like a Bengal Tiger rare,fierce and well deadly. I spent Sunday in the recliner trying to identify how to put my hip back into place, and stop acting like a baby. regardless of that subject It could not have been a better birthday, unless his sisters could have arrived on surprise. The day was truly amazing.! The kids sleep so well after a day at the lake. I am looking forward to Ellisa’s license so I can run to the dock with the kids when she is at work. Speaking of it’s after 2 and I have to be up by 6 to take her. Always a blast without the little ones.

One more box topic before i sign off for the night:

I feel Fear – Defined as
1.a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.
2.a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling: an abnormal fear of heights.
3.concern or anxiety; solicitude: a fear for someone’s safety.
–verb (used without object) have fear; be afraid.
before 900; Middle English fere, Old English fær sudden attack or danger; cognate with Old Saxon fār ambush, Dutch gevaar, German Gefahr danger, Old Norse fār disaster

Okay that didn’t really help – but atlas I have answered another question –

Let us Love not in word or speech, but in truth and action.~1 John 3:18   It is time for me to take action, and do so in Love, for He who walks with me shall carry me when my feet are no longer able, breathe air into my lungs as I call out for Him.  Be a hovering light to guide my way.  I will be loved with His love, the love like no other I will be truly in His hands alone, for he has created all, and all things are done for good and for His glory.  I know that shall bring me to the other side of this valley. Regardless of the outcome I know it was done according to his will.  If I stand firm I will be strong. I am standing STRONG!

If God is with us who can be against us? 



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