When I was a kid, sidewalks were an avenue we used to walk on, ride our bikes, pop an occasional Ollie, we even rode roller-skates, green machines big wheels and jump rope. Sidewalks were where the action was, all your neighbors, friends were there out on the sidewalk. You joined them walking to and from school, to the local circle K for a slushy, or just to walk – hence before media became the drug that addicted everyone to a lone world of media input/output. Today sidewalks are almost rare! Have you seen how in neighborhoods that for some redone, and I know there must have been an all call builder meeting to discuss the decision that from this day forth sidewalks will if built, will only be built on one side of the street, and if then it has to be smaller than ever before keeping the walking hand to hand out of the picture. I for one love sidewalks and get excited when I find a place where I am able to hold my husband or my child’s hand and walk for more than a quarter of a mile before the sidewalk ends. I have been actually reading the prose of Shel Silverstein to my youngest and it is true, what does the future hold where the sidewalk ends? For me it is less time together with strangers and friends alike, less community that we desperately need. Less Lemonade stands, marbles and Chinese jump rope. Today I feel as if I am standing on the precipice of my ending sidewalk with the knowledge that the decision is to jump or what, is there another option? If I stand here long enough will the heavens open up and pour concert at my feet extending my sidewalk journey? I am unsteady on this edge, I am weak with emotion, frightened with reality and careful to place the strong mask firmly in place so that the magnifying glass is not tempted to look deeper. So I beg the Question….. Why are the sidewalks an endangered entity?


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