Saturday 11:17pm

So it’s Saturday night, the children are in bed and I am ready to find a little me time. Today that means deciding if walking downstairs to get the ice-cream out of the freezer is worth the effort. I am battling this desire along with the knowledge that the more I move the worse I feel. Wednesday was a historic day for me, I managed to put myself on bed rest or something relatively close to it. No worries though I am a fighter and I plan to find a way to overcome this battle before it starts to tear away at my armor that I keep in place. Seriously though, I am contemplating which is better, trying to sleep to give my back a fighting chance to get lets say 4 hours! or waddling downstairs having the ice-cream turning on an old mystery movie, dosing in and out on the couch because the pain wont let me sleep and give up and read another novel in the recliner until the sun comes up. Such hard decisions for a Saturday night. I guess they would be easier if my family was not so exhausted and asleep. – Okay I have made up my mind….. Toodles


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