I am a BuzzAgent, and a couple of days ago I received a BuzzKit for Cover Girl Lip Perfection. This Buzzkit contained two great colors, one Bold “RED” and the other a muted color that I wear almost every day, yes me…. strange but true! The Lipstick is supposed to after seven days of usage transform your lips into more smooth and incredibly luscious… I think only Color Girl can get away with the word Luscious when it comes to lips and not sound obnoxious!! So here’s the deal – I am loving it!!! It makes my lips happy, it has made my lips softer, silkier and well …. I have noticed my lips feel better when I have it on, that is odd. when I put on Chap-stick, it works but you can feel the wax or the like on your lips nothing more. When I put on the Lip Perfection, well my lips long for kissing:)… My daughter and I had a great conversation about this, as I was wearing lipstick while cleaning…. not usually my attire, as much as you might think I am the Pearl wearing while vacuuming type I am not. I have found that no matter the reason – the Cover Girl Lip perfection – 1) Did what it said it would do – AMAZING!! 2) Makes me happy & Finally 3) Has made me, Jenn a Lipstick consumer. If Cover Girl can make great Lipstick, it is time to try some new colors. Here I come..