A Moment of Clarity –

To take in all the events that life has provided in the last six months. I have noticed my skin has begun to take on a new hue. The optimistic translucent state it has manifested for so many years has started to become hard, and dense. I wonder why now, why is this the moment that my outer shell betrays me…. Then I realize perhaps I am the one betraying myself, am I giving in to temptation to hold it all in. Am I closing doors and no longer looking for a window.
God provides comfort in my life – regardless of the circumstance, if I trust myself, I will turn to Him to lean on. I find in a very introspective way that at my roughest moments I am trying to look within me for answers rather than lean on him for my guidance and support. Knowing this brings clarity, perhaps it stops a cycle that has started to become habit.
It is time to turn my skin translucent again, to wear my heart where it is most comfortable… on my sleeve. It is time to trust those around me who can offer words of encouragement and guidance to keep me on the right path. I suppose God is holding me now – for I know I would not be as strong today if he was not caring for his child. If you know me at all you know I like to live in a “Happy Bubble” I believe the best in everyone I meet, and I do my best to give anything I can to those who ask. Today I am shedding the new skin and trying on something completely new – Today I am going to be wearing the skin of my savior… I am not sure of the color or texture, put I know it will be pure and honest. I know it will let me fall but it will brush it off and grow stronger for the falling. As life is heading into Fall, when all things die and become dormant for the winter, I am blooming as only the flowers of spring can, with new life – Vibrant color and Joy for the seasons ahead.


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